Thursday, January 7, 2010


anyways. i went out today. shopping with friends.

soo embarrasing omfg ==' i found this trench coat right. its really good looking and it doesnt cost too much. i went up and tried it on, yeh it looks pretty good so i was like can i have this one but cheaper :) and shes like ehh.. if i can order for a new one she can make it 20 bucks cheaper but i have to wait 2 days for it. so im like :S mmmkay its alright i guess. i also have to pay now so and bring my reciept on the day to get it. SO i was happy and stuff friend rkn it looks good. i then reach in to my pocket and pulled out my id, tickets, licence, 100 dollar note, 20 and 50 note..... wait.. wheres my fking 1000 note?! i was like soo shitting myself wondering were the hell i put it !!! i asked my friend and hes lke.. i dont fink u droped it or anything ... then im like FK.... the shop keeper was like... :S u sure u didnt put it in ur other pockets. then im like NO!!! >< >< then i realized i mite have forgotten to put it in my pocket while i was pulling my money out from my wallet before i go out cause i was in a hurry .... so i said illl go back tmr and get it... and very walking out the store lookingi very embarrased =='

FK ==..... so i called home and yeh its in my wallet... was like phew.... but still FK==''

anyways.. im not going to eruope and north anymore cosh of the weather conditions >< but instead mummy said to go japan with sistah.. so yeh.. its 80% sure im going there instead now =]

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