Monday, January 25, 2010

-boredom gets you somewhere-

today is my second time blogging after coming back to this hellgate of fury.. its very hot fking god happens to make me into a 100% environmental friendly supporter - meaning im forcing myself not to use the aircon; not to sit in the fridge; eat ice cream  (cause i will be chucking the plastic wrapper away which will generate more greenhouse gas); eat chips (same reason with the wrapper)

but however, what ill do later will certainly be a swim and in that case i will not be as e.friendly. im just gonna have fun with the hose xP well its not wasting water IF im using it on someone myself :)

oh i also realized that im not as sad as last year.. 2010 has started pretty good.. despite the fact that i have a emo template, im srsly happier and relaxed. the only stress that i kinda had exp with was dealing with uni but now.. WOO fUCK THAT TOO!! =]
i enrolled
payed for uni
selected my units for uni
and now just waiting for my time table. oh gosh

oh im just also wondering.. how many words are there for DICK?!
i cud keep on going but yeh ==" its kinda inappropriate so ill stop here.

im currently having yum cha at home. HAH, yum cha technically means drinking tea in chinese =] get iT?! ahh i no u did :P hehehe

hehe i ditched farmville and started playing resturant city like everyday now. i hav the privledge to hack it but wats the point after all. oh see, ive hired
and kris :)

hmm gota fink of some new things to blog about soon or ill start to lose some views ==' not that i ever did but yeh hehe

Song of the Day: FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Shunkan Sentimenta

Nelson's Update: 
fcuked up my kareoke
finish eating lunch
wonder if michaels gonna come for a swim
wonder if i should teach a friend how to swim :L 

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