Tuesday, February 16, 2010

-happy bday jeremy CHARLESTON hung-

 happy birthday to you,
your favourite colours blue;
happy birthday to jeremy;
its about time u learn to pee.. lalala
dedicated to JEREMY my beloved brother
by Nelson HUNGY, 16/02/10

anyways, so today is my brothers birthday and sorry i didnt say happy bday to him at exactly 12am but at like 1 somthing?

i kinda asked him wat he wants 2 weeks ago. he said a new basketball hoop which i already told dad about it and hes getting a family friend to get those professional they use in nba (nelson's basketball assholeshiation) and will be shipping back nxt month.

mum gave jeremy red pocket for new years but im not sure if it is for his bday or not.

and lastly,he told me to get him a dog, which i rejected it straight away cosh yeh.. i hate dogs xP he also asked me if he can play computers on thursdays of the week. but it is related to his education so i also rejected that.. from then, he never told me wat he wanted.
oh well... since he cudnt telll me somthing he wants spesically ill just  get him a cake as wat i normally do every year :)

anyways.. im kinda shy so i didnt really say much to him today but.. if he somehow red this... DONT COME GIVING ME SHIT FOR ANYTHING I SAY IN THE FOLLOW MSG :)

hey birthday boy, you know ill always be by urside along with the rest of the family and some of ur gay god bros :P oh they also had somthing to say to u.

Alex: happy b dae..study hard and hope for the best to you!
Kris: happy bday, hope all the best for you
Steve: happy bday NIGAA stay outa trouble and ILL GIVE YOU A KISS NEXT TIME, STUDY HARD ONLY 4 YEARS... SUCKER XP

anyways... hope u had a nice day.. and happy bday for the last time before its 12 o clock :)

song of the day: 2pm - Again and Again, this song is for u jer jer face xD

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