Thursday, February 18, 2010


ORIENTATION.. sound like a prob word ai.. i had this O. day today at QUT KG; my home for the next 4 years atleast.

anyways, theres somthing i wanna comment about today.

Language used in QUT: man the seminar i had started at 9. the dudes name is Ross. he said and DID talk for for 2 hrs straight. just talk talk talk. hes really smart. the vocab he used are VERY thesaurus like. for eg, in a 10 word sentence, i dont understand 6 of them ==' like WTF is a reconciliation, indegious :S LOL i cant even spell the words out ==' but yeh u get wat i mean. ALSO for some strange reason, swearing is not a matter at all in QUT. he used the words: shit, bitch, bloody etc. im just waiting for him to say FUCK then ill prob treat him like god xD

QUT is better than Griffith: some may not agree with me but after being at QUT orientation today, i went to pick up my home stay at Griffith whos also having her orientation. Firstly, griffith is fking big just like QUT but it has NO map that actually shows u where u at. the buildings are located everywhere. i mean WTF. N56 is not next to N56 or accross, but instead its fking at the othe side of the uni.. WATS THE POINT.. oh also. theres ppl fixing the road in grif and the ppl are MEAN! i walked into their 'zone' he comes up, starts shouting, telling me to go back to the other side blhablahbalhba... *BAM* just wanna hit his mada fking face =='. But for learning wise, i cant judge it for now :)

Transport to and from QUT: its good. not perfect but good. in total, it takes me 1 hr to get from home to QUT. first is drive to garbo --> 150 --> cultural centre --> 333 --> QUT visversa for leaving. so now i can leave the house at 7.30 =]

QUT should be fun i guess~ despite the fact that it 'has .. some okay looking 美女s' i still need to explore this place more~~ 

oh btw, they gave out free T-Shirts today :)
Song of the Day: Utada Hikaru - The One

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