Friday, February 5, 2010


fer Information:

In the 14 January offer round you have been offered:

425042 Bachelor of Social Work - full-time - Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove Campus
Start Month: February 2010
You have accepted this offer but now wish to be considered for your higher preferences in future offer rounds.

In the 4 February offer round it has not been possible to offer you a tertiary place.

 yeh~ as some of you might no im actually a person thats interested in talking to ppl with issues :P but others may just see me as the person who GIVES issue to ppl.. but yeh.. anyways.. i got accepted at QUT for Bachelor of Social Work. Even though it was Psycology which is my first preference, its still good cause its based on the same thing. Plan is to do this course for 1 year and see if Nel nel likes it, if not then its Psycology but if i somehow to like it alot, then imma stick with Social Work for the rest of 3 years~

To me, uni is just a place for me to meet new friends and study things that i have interests in, fk the assignment, fk the exam. im just gonna give it my best shot and if it fail then fk life.. well ill try not fk it totally cosh it still cost me money =='

Mum also told me for the past 17 years that uni is when you can date and where you can find the correct girl for you.. im kinda really loooking forward to it and on orientation day.. my perve-ray vision will be switched on 24/7 LOL!!!

-but i dont wanna do anything atm until i finally see the enviornment in uni :P i mean u never no wats gonna happen and not to sound like a dcik, i still wanna see glance more before i decide weather to go for her *drools* haha

well my timetable is out. i have UNI monday - thrusday. around 4 hrs per day. not too bad ai? haha uni actually does sound pretty free. now i can start manulpilate (FUCK I DONT NO HOW TO SPELL THAT WORD) some extra events to fill up my week.

well yeh i even setted up a timetable in excel :P see how organised i am now. but yeh... this is just wat im planning to do, its not official so yeh.. feel free to call me out whenever until further notice haha xD

Song of the Day: Spontania feat.AZU  - Onaji Sora Mitsumeteru Anata Ni

PS.. tet wasnt that great to me ><

the rain is weakening, so as my soul..

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