Thursday, February 11, 2010

-iPad = iSuck-

- 9.7 inch LED screen - large size screen for tablet device
- 680.38 gram
- 1/2 inch thin in size

this is a total bs :) its unnesseary, unreliable and inefficient.

-i dont really no why apple has created this device.. is it nesseary to have a thing big as a notebook that does ... 1/10th of what a notebook does. it sure has a big screen but im sure i wudnt wan to hold that piece of thing in my hand out in the public. tbh, how often wud have time using this ipad :S.. despite the fact that it has up to 10hrs of battery life, exclude the time for sleeping, using pc at home, work/ study.. all u will have is maybe the 1 hr u spend on the bus. if u drive then bad luck, even less time for you; i can bearly use all the bats from my iphone after using it for a whole day == . unlike an iphone and other smaller apple device, its less handy and doesnt look as bad infront of ur friends :P i mean i rkn i wud look cooler flopping out my iphone then pulling a piece of cardboard out from my bag..

-Its very thin, but it sure will get damanged/ scratched if u put in a bag or anything meaning it requires more care towards this device.

-I really dont fking get the landscape and portraits function for the iPad.. i mean look at it! i dont see how its gonna make a difference if u turn it landscape OR portraits.. oh and hey their slogan is like "u can hold the internet in your hands' WAT THE FK DOES THAT MEAN?!! its not even catchy/ nor is it supricing... u can do that with normal fones nowadays.. it just feels like apple had finally ran out of ideas and have to lower the quality of their design but to keep their fame, they have to make up random shit to promote this shitty device.

i wud really not consider to buy this product unless u just wanna try somthing new, or ur an apple fan. it maybe cheapper than a iphone but if it doesnt do much more than a itouch, then mite aswell get a itouch n probably will save more money.

rating outa 10, 1 being shittest, 10 being best
looks: 3
lifespan: 9
efficient: 4

song of the day: DJ Splash - Flying High

Nelson's Update:
-seeing with one eye
-drinking saliva

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