Tuesday, February 2, 2010

-results for surfers paradise-

today is successfail.. its alright that our day started with a warm breeze. but dog.. i mean GOD knows that fking its gonna rain today.. ffs. on the way to gold coast surfers paradise took us 1 hr in total. clouds builded up and started pouring down like crazy. our day was pretty much ruined already once we saw that. luckily tho, it stoped for a while and the sun was out for 5 whole minutes..

no photos was taking at all today apart from the trip to gc. but yeh.. that doesnt count. 

anyways so we're there.. we didnt do jackshit that was mentioned on the invitation :P no NOTHING!! only did some... volleyball tossing and at one point i kinda saw a frizbee or somthing but yeh didnt get to touch that. anyways.. beach beach beach. first dive into the sea i drank one mouth full of salt liquid and no its not piss :) waves striking and shit hide tides coming, life savers where anouncing about the dangerous of high tides blah.. fk cares.. the safety flags were narrowed down; we gota move in alil.

just to mention something.. i kinda wnated to pee in the sea cosh yeh.. drank  too much tea =='.. BUT NO!! i didnt wanna dirty the enviornment and i held it in for like... 2 hrs.. (im superman and i got 2L's of piss capacity in my blader!)

after awhile, my eyes became red and sore and salty and eww... (had my contacts in the whole time.. still have it until now.. have them in for a total of 14 hrs now.. still going) and cudnt handle it anymore.. rushed back to our teritory and wanted to take a rest.. BUT FUCK... RAIN STRIKES AGAIn... but its rain combined with sand... which feels like... someone has punched shit loads of needle holes in ur body 1000 times per second... it just hurts like fk... and rain became bigger and stuff and cud no longer keep out bags out in the sand... got forced to take away everything and go back into the shade... 

1.lost the mood for the beach
2.got changed
3.mucked around
4.prepared to go

this particular event took us only.. 6 hrs.... (half was given to transport) and the fcuking worse thing is that just wen we're bout to get on the bus back to brissie, the fking sun comes out and shows his ass to the world. FUCK.. is wat i can fink of and KING HELL was wat came out of my mouth.. blahhh.. ruined day.. lets not tlk about it anymore..

ps.. sorry to those that i didnt say good bye to today after dinner~

i wonder,
she reminds me
of a retarded goldfish
shes very tan and she likes to bang
this is all i can write about you.. nah jks. i dont no.. shes really weird sometimes. i ask her questions and so does she to me. 
she sometimes act very tough but somtimes act very soft
she turns to u and say hi and cud curse u behind ur back
she cud fuck u up and also cud get 'fucked up'.. in the head
sometimes i just wanna tell her to stfu or tell her to keep tlking
we sometimes will yell at each other
and other times we are like
good buddies..
i love
is wat u wanted to hear from me..
however, i will not fink about it
until he comes back from hongkong
all ill care about now is what we
talk about during our alone time;
i will not think about your past,
and wil only care for the present

Song of the Day: Mandi Morre - Someday We'll Know
Nelson's Update
-taking contacts off 

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