Friday, February 19, 2010


Movie nowaddays are based on the has the same structure this days... speshally the ones that has a super hero in it.

Spiderman gets super power accidently he masters it and began helping the community. Blah blah blah how he showed his power and received fame and acknowledgement. Then something must happen to fck the spiderman up when hes at his toppest point of his performance. For some strange reason, a miracle comes in place and turns the whole situation back good. THEN from this point on, it will either turn out to be the villain being destroyed BUT with one or two character getting killed OR OR OR the hero dies but with pride… BORING ==’ srsly.. come up with something new!! >< I payed $9 to go to watch a movie that I prob wudnt expect it to be that way and not something that Ive seen before..

Another thing about these super hero movies that pisses me off…  the storyline is.. 1000000000 Years ago thers this monster/ villain and its like the destroyer of blah, and the hero back then had sealed it up completely blah blah blah.. 10000000000 years later the seal is broken and the monsters/ villain is back in its roll of destroying the word. THEN the hero at present somehow had the destiny to destroy it once and for all.. WHATT THE HECK!? If the hero back then is soo good why didn’t they just kill the villain/ monster? But instead they seal it up and leaving the chance of them respawning few million years later.. wat kinda theory is that ==’

Tbh, most of the movies I go watch now are for its graphics and not storyline.. another example wud be final destination 4. It’s a 1 and a half hr movie but I kinda finished it in 30 minutes cosh the storyline is just plain god shit.. wat got my interest is how each character gets killed cosh its kinda funny thinking out coincident everything cud be in this movie :L.. fking wheels slashing ppl’s body open, elevator crushing ppl, buildings exploding and falling onto ppls lala.. gross but funny and evil xP overall.. movies nowadays are not good anymore.. luckily thers AVATAR!! which kinda gave me some hope but yeh.. need improvement is all i can say.

Song of the Day: Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky   

Nelson's Update:  -snizzing sick  -watching ppl play ps2 -webcaming with a gaylord -paying Kelvin out with my lame jokes buhahaa..

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