Monday, February 22, 2010


im capped. 8 computers on at the same time during the day. only half way thru the month and nets gone ==.. stupid limewire, torret download stuffs my homestays are using.. gahhh !!

right now i cant use facebook which is pretty much end of the word for some ppl, but to me its the end of the pacific ocean :) i dont no why p.o. but it is.

anyways. first day as a proper uni student in QUT kelvin grove. in SWB100 lecture - introduction of human services and social work. sounds pro ai.. yeh i rkn it doesnt..

and tmr is SWB106 lec/tut Applied Skill and Scholarship  or osmthing.. just based on acedemic writing.

anyways.. so today's lecture went quite well. sorta starting to get to know the course and the target question for today is.. what constitutes help? that fked me up bad..

yeh.. thats all i gota say ==' atleast i survived the first day in uni.. tmr start at 2 to 5~~~

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