Tuesday, February 23, 2010

-my friend-

her name is Jermaine she is like.. 3 years younger than me, met her for like a few months back in hong kong thru a really random outing.

Name: Jermaine Lau
DOdEATH!: feb 6, 1995
First impression: same age, very shy, misteriouos
After meeting impression: total opposite of wat i first thought about her.
Height: taller than me ... *curse you*

anyways.. so blahh we were out that night dinnering with other friends. she laughes alot at my lame jokes.. maybe shes lame aswell i dont know :S she only speaks english but apparently shes canto too.

shes very bossy. bullies me just cause im shorter than her. she has no life but to show off you her fat smile :) all she does is just fb, msn, music and do her stupid 'hwk' while being distracted by other things such as bfs, food, tv, gfs, magazine, makeup ETC.

shes kinda annoying but somtimes very good to talk to.. i lied if i cud describe her with 1 word ill go... gozilla. :P shes as angry as goz, as big as goz.. simply everything she does relates to gozilla but instead of a hero, shes a villain

i mean she even forces people. eg ME, to blog about her == i mean how cud i do that.. its soo hard promoting her in a good way. just like now, im sure after reading this she wud slice me up in 25 pieces. shes such a bully ==' fml..

i just wish i never have met her before in my damn life but since i have now, ill just have to face the truth and bear with it.

if i see you right now infront of my face i wud say: you better be appreciated cosh i spend soo much time making this post because thers just NOTHING interestsed about you!!! apart from ur height :)

Song of the Day: Vistlip - Ozone (yugioh thrid op)

ps: na 50% of the stuff i said up there is not true :) ur a cool friend~ just sometimes you smell.. buahahhaa xD dont kill me please..

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