Friday, February 26, 2010

-love love love-

some girl asked me to blog about love.. 

love can be a feeling, emotion, a level of relationship, sex, a name etc. or in a negative sense such as failure, nightmare;
for some, it could be a way of life and somthing to enjoy during life...
man how cud i put this.. love is too complicated for me to understand actually. unlike those other words out there love can be a solid, invisible, strong, weak, fluro~ ANYTHING..
to me, love is just curel xD

i mean comeon, it fked up my friend's life. it caused friend's parents having a divorce and very little time when love is worth it.

some quotes i've heard of 10 years ago cud be:
-marry me and ill start a family with  you in no time
-we can fight together and do our best to solve problems
-i love you.
-my parents will like you alot!

however, quotes ive heard recently:
-baby i love you forever.
-dont leave me honey, i cant live without you
-you make my dream come true
-i think about you everynight..
-etc i can go forever.


these stuff are like no longer strong and accurate anymore. even if u had those quote 10 years ago it wud atleast sound more convincable. even for the past 5 years.. when i started high school gosh... i didnt no SHIT all about love/relation/dating/breakup and sex. 5 years later, i see kids as small as my brother had already lost their fking virginity (and hey.. virginity was ment to be very important and somthing we all save it for later well atleast people around me back then were thinking the same.). Why is this world developing soo rapidly? right now, young generations are all about fame, appearance, sex and fighting (on the internet AKA KW's, keyboard warriors) all the things about wealth, education, dream job, starting a family etc. are all gone. i believe in the next 10 years or so, our world will be soo decomposed that the system of life would become born->education->work->death. life wud become black and white again.
anyways.. getting a bit off track xP.. personally, i dont believe in love anymore. back in grade 8, love was very somthing filled with mistery. people cud even die for it. but after several years of seeing, exploring AND expierencing this, i dont wan love anymore. it is not as fresh or how should i put it... important anymore.

for eg. i have friends that can start a relationship maybe last week, making it as if they are the happiest person on earth and blahhh.. doing dedication videos and all sort of shit... just fantastic. 1 week later it cud just become hell, emo, depressing all sorta stuff. and now i also picked up on somthing really funny yet, naive; they can break up for 1 or 2 days and get back together then another few weeks break up again.. (repeat itself forever) does love sound that weak how u can just break up and get back to it that easily? all those love you forever shit is just fake =/ i tell my friends that love is like a career now.. why do i say that because, we go to work - in this case whichi is love. we work soo hard for it and sex (reward) is wat we get. then after every weekend is holiday and thats when u guys have a break (breakup) then on monday you guys are back to work. just incredible haha.

i dont date. but i like to meet more friends. some may say im a flirt. but hey. im single and i know myself very well. i cannot stand love and i since im not in love i dont have to just concentrate on one right? up till now before you girls OR guys wanna bash me up lemmi say this:

"if you fall in love, then ur locked in a cage. u cannot escape, u lose your freedom. in someway love can also be paradise or heaven but not till later in life. right now, as love is not as mature, why not enjoy it rather than being used by it."
well thats how i live my life with regarding to love.
I cant say im a failure in love because i never tried it xP nor i wud say im expert in love cosh i never tired xD just yeh.. love is unpredictable and i would wanna see more examples of them before having one myself. and i mean most of the times the ones i got for does not think the same haha..

song of the day: Epik High - Love Love Love
mm this song reminds me of this girl i use to like in grade 9 xP 
weird thing is that when i liked her she likes this other dude and once i got over her she said she actually likes me more... 

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