Wednesday, July 21, 2010

-too tired to think, simplify it-

昨天,啊不是,上个礼拜,我真的有很多烦劳从各方面飞过来。很多事,多到我已经不知道为什么而不开心。那我就想。。为什么要领到自己不开心。绝望真的是我的好朋友。 哈哈。

alota ppl will say y'know its better off not thinking problems as bad, they're usually not. to me, of course im those dramatic ppl. and yes, i think too much but i dont rkn its a bad thing. 如果你不想深一点的话,他日如果这件事情真的发生在你身上你能不能够作出应变.这是我的想法,你因该不明的啦。 anyways, one thing is right tho which got me thinking. why am i really caring about it wen ur not :S why does it always have to be whos on the down side? dw im not that evil, i wont want u to be on the down side with me. why cant i just... fck all this shit? can i really be fcked thinking about all these dramatic stuff wen i actually  got more real shit to deal with. ANDYESUNIFCUKYOU!.

however, i rkn uni is also just afull of shit that has to get inur mind once in a while. im sure high school ppl would also get wat im talking. you only stress only for a period of time and this time should usually be 1day to a week before assignments due or an exam. well thats me :) however, for me this time, im like shitting bricks already 4 weeks before all my presentations are due.. i kinda had to slow down this process aye.. i mean everyones gota do it right.. im prob not the only one stressing over this stuff.

yesterday in the lecture, this dude next to me said "you see that guy?" *nods* "yeh hes an international student from thailand, hes not like me, i can srsly just fck this and give a damn about this whole uni thing, as long as i get 50% and over, im happy with it. but for him, if he doesnt get topshit mark, he will be like shipped back to thailand and have his future taken away."

IKNOW,its not much of an inspiration but then again it kinda knocked somthing into me. some ppl are actually having worse scenario than wat im having now... i shouldnt really put so much pressure on myself..

ps. im not trying to teach any of you's a lesson, its just wat i rkn will happen to everyone if just one day u hear or heard about somthing similar to wat ur experiencing, and suddenly there will be like new pathways for u to walk towards.

tbh i really made myself into wat im getting now, haha. i was all ready for it and anticipated that it will happen for sure. just dont no why im scared of now. hah.. i chose to do it, and im not gonna regret. *clap clap* nelson has finally stood back up :), just hope he can get his stupid sleeping disorder away ==.. someone considered me to read books.. hmm twlight will be a good start :) NOT! FUCK U! :)

Song of the Day: YUI - Please Say With Me <-- i really like the guitaring for this song. soo relaxing.. speshall the dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun part xP

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