Monday, July 26, 2010

-slowly dying from insomnia-

Nel Nel says:
*brb, fat girl
Jenny :) says:
*your FAT

gosh, missed those kinda talks xP

anyways. ching chong ching chong. just got back from a family friend's party. it was great and replenishing. see all these kids who are all use to be soo young and i was at their current age; running around, chilling, yelling/ screaming, having heaps of fun amungst themselves. i really start to feel old now. i rmr this lil guy name nathan. i kinda baby sitted him since he was 1-3, now he is 6. one thing is that hes not cute as the past anymore.. he even forgot my name cosh i havent seen him for like a 2 years now, he lost all his baby fat.. zomg. and doesnt not call me 谦哥 no more. times does actually change things alot when you're not aware of it, or lost contact with. somthing you can never aviod i guess? but things that CAN be prevent from happening is the past they had spend with you. no matter how many long has past, the most memorable moments you had with that particular person will always remain and should jump in ur head once in a while. how can i not know that before? and i just took it as if they had forgot about me and they just doesnt care about me anymore. maybe i was wrong again. maybe im still fcked. weird shit aye.
well unis started and im occupied monday to friday traveling around both QUT&UQ. wanna fml together? cosh yeh.. right now insomnia is really hitting my hard. i just wanna sleep and not think.

Song of the Day: 劉威煌 - 不离不弃(never leave, never let go)
拍著軚盤在聽猛風的起勁 一轉開眼睛
我突然驚醒 此際氣氛變靜
看著引擎頓了怨聲中感應 原來極任性

從來為我艱辛亦撐起 最壞時候都不棄也不離

縱使眼內全個世界都失去 但你甘願拯救
就算這以後 沒半點報酬 卻永不放手

拍著軚盤在聽猛風的起勁 一轉開眼睛
我突然驚醒 想到你的背影

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