Saturday, July 17, 2010

-the fcked up bird story- (completed in 5 minutes)

uni starting. im stress like fck. i dont no what to do. wanna tlk to me everynight so i can tell all my shit to u?

 *umm ummm...
*once upon a time..
*there live this bird
*its white
*and it has a flat mouth
*so immediately, it is asssured that this bird will have difficulty in eating like the others
*one day he was trying to find this worm in a tree
*due to the shape of his mouth, he cud not reach in
*so he  then asked for help from this parrot
*the parrot reached in, got the worm and flew away and stole the worm
*it then happend a few after times
*he slowly realised that hes eye sight is actually better than other birds becos his mouth is not within eyesight
*lol repharese
*he realised that he got better eye sight than other birds, (reason i dont no why XD)
*hes got an idea
*inorder for him to get some worms, he will need to buy some from the free market
*but he has no money
*so by using his good eyesight
*he setted up a lil trading system
*birds have to pay 'flatty mouth' 2 dollars each time inorder to locate good wealthy worms
*he went for 1 whole week
*starving till death
*and finally got enuff money to buy some worms from the fre emarket.
*however, he did not think that he is disadvantaged anymore
*whereas he rkns hes more luckier than others that hes more speshal
*blahhh =='
*the end

moral: dont feel disadvantage if you are different from the others, theres always something more speshall about urself than others?

story inspired by Nok-Ah ----->

song of the season: Girugamesh - Colour

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