Tuesday, July 27, 2010


questions i may ask myself for the next few days:

-how the fck am i going to survive this next semester?

-will mum's bday go great? even though i spend all my wallet money to get her a simple cake.. i feel like im not doing enuff for her.

-is she sleeping yet?

-can daddy give mummy a good suprice from hong kong?

-german.. will i be able to tackle u down?

-can i learn this song playing on my blog in the next 2 days?

-is picking myself back up as easy as getting insomnia?

-does justin beiber really know how ugly he is? yet his songs are catchy (i gota be honest with u :P) and dont u realise shitty songs are annoying but it just gets stuck in ur head?

-will stanley be able to drive the afraromeo? (hah lolz doesnt that sound like roflmao)

-will richie's grannie be alright?

-shall i got to country road for the second time to check out those country road bags? ill prob look coool like everyone else.. shame.. CR is like.. so 2 years ago..

-am i gay?

-what will i have for breakfast?

-will i understand a single word coming out from my indian lecturer tmr?

-can i make babies smile just like the past?


*sigh* so many things to think. yet no one can be here everynight helping me. i wudnt mind mummy being here X_X

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