Sunday, July 25, 2010


why? ill ask that question to myself like everyday, every few moments actually. from asking: mum, why is the world round? to why are you treating me like this? in between theres heaps other questions that i actually never got an answer to. girl, i need a girl, why cant i get one?

"wtf man, someone like you had never dated? dont bs me man." 

     "well i actually have had one before... but u cant really count that one.. haha."

"your fcking weird ... but srsly, you need one cause you seem bored everyday"

     "i wish its that easy. plus theres so many trees in the forest, i gota see which one is right."

the stuff that i dont want to happen is starting to become fact one by one. the early waves have not settled and now second waves are coming for round two. how many rounds are there gonna be left. how long will i stand for? but if im gonna fall, atleast let me fall completely not dropping on my knees, giving me doubts weather should i stand back up or just give up.

ive already mentioned, i dont like naruto, but the song happens to be one of my fav idol and the song IS fcking good.. so yeh.

Song of the Day: 蔡依林 - 倒带.. this girl.. 5 times... i hate you... i wish things can really rewind, so i can do wat i shouldve have done. i wudve have chosed her instead of you! 

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