Tuesday, July 27, 2010

-run run run-

run run run run run~

whens SNSD gonna have their comeback. i kinda like miss them lah.

2 hrs before i gota uni. and im still in my pj's. might aswell just go to uni like this, damn ill look sexy..


some korean surfing

 bit of some random news i get everyday in my youtube subs. its basically about this 4 year old kid who killed himself in a washing machine while playing hide and seek. RETARDED AYE.

some princess stuff <3 my favourite is obviously lil red riding hood.. xD

安室奈美恵 - Get Myself Back

well even though the pix are exceeding the border. imma just leave it cosh i cbf editing....... gosh this is gonna make my blog look extra ugly now .. but W/E im bored and that overrules everything.

kk time to shower...

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