Saturday, December 24, 2011

-lost :S-

i really dont know where u are all the time..

everything is soo last minute. atleast u will know where i am at a particular time coz i tell you.. but u can all of a sudden tell me ur going to sydney? wow... thats a bit too much of a short notice dont u rkn?

u went party last night, howcome u told me ur not going but end up going? im not angry coz u went is that im angry coz u didnt tell me know...

you might say i did the same for memory, but atleast i told u about it before and not surprise u. u might think its a surprise becoz i told u before the event. but atleast u had an idea i might go. (not saying i was right) instead, u tell me after the event..

i reckon your not very honest to me still.. im not angry, its just that i dont even know where u are even at this moment.

you tell me your grounded (AS ALWAYS) but u always cud find ways to go out.. HOW THE HECK DO U DO THAT?? wen we're off the phone it was already 1.30am. ur mum stayed home, therse no way u cud have snuck out and come back home in time. There must be somthing ur hiding from me still.. i just want to know... why cant you do that for me aswell and come out with me then? dont tell me its coz of your friends coz if its your parents, even if its ur friends u wont be able to go out that late. this just makes me really feel that u try so hard to go out with ur friends, but u cant even come out for dinner with me...

just be honest with me please... u worry me, thats why im bring this up, not that im angry...

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