Thursday, January 6, 2011

-2011 another new start-

something random to start off with before i think of what to write :D

okay thres this malaysian singer on tv atm
and her name is jeannie or some shit
AND i just finished supper
 and since im soo bored imma gonna blog ==
 my skype just dced
 i looked under the tv and thers a remote there
 i used my brother's used tissue to clean up my soup stain, environmental friendly =]
 just heard justin lo had a new song called saranghae
 my brothers annoying me atm 
just told this retard to stfu while i blog =]
 my brother just hit me
 my iphone went into sleeping mode
 my brother called me a faggot
 i reached out for a coke lolly and tasted it, sweet/sour and bitter

so anyways.. so far since start of 2010 till now, ive went to these places:
(some other random places in europe)
wu han
hong kong

damn.. thats like half the world .__. i think?

She says:
 fuck you 
Nel Nel says:
 that retarded swore at me but since im still uber nice and one of my resolution for 2011 is to be nicer to retards, i wont rage back =]

talking about resolutions.. i dont even know wtf i wanna solve this year aye? just get me in a good uni and have a stable course and ill be fineand hopefully ill get German and Japanese well on track also so i can use German to help dad in the future, and Japanese to pick up the chicks AND watch anime without reading subbies =] im still deciding whether or not should i take psycology as a minor.. *sigh* just thinking about the assignments that i have to write in the future makes me sick already... 

1 more week left till i know if UQ is going to accept me, if not, stuipd Griffith University, im coming to invade your uni ground >= )
 2 more weeks till im gonna be back in Aus, better make the most of it while im still oversea. have a feeling that i will go straight to clubbing on the same night i arrive   hopefully kathleen wud wanna come along.
 2 and a half weeks till i think im gonna go down to sydney again to visit god mother, man i feel soo bad aye, didnt even say happy new year to her before.. hope she wudnt be mad at me or anything...
 3 weeks later my 2011 will officially start back in brisbane and i guess after that.. ill have more time to blog coz ill be at home doing shit all as what i did for the past years.

oh yeah, SNSD had a new song. called beautiful girl:

but its soo weird.. the person who sings it is actually Yoo Young Jin, but instead they say the song is BY snsd featuring him .... i mean snsd doesnt even sing that song == so yeah.. kinda wtf while im listening to it, but its good to hear i suppose.
 lalala anyways, enuff blogging.

song of the day: Utada Hikaru - Goodbye Happiness and Girugamesh - Destiny

 ps: part of this blog inspired by KT =P

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