Saturday, March 19, 2011

-voice within me-

ever actually spoken to urself inside urself? i do all the time, more often as i grow up, as i slowly distance away from family, old school mates and just the public. that 'person' within you knows you the most. (mines a he) he will always be there for you even if no one is there for you anymore.he is the best person to talk to when making decisions. he doesnt lie, he will analysis everything with you. as long as you are thinking, he will be there helping. 

he will also sometimes try to tell you what to do instead. things that he reckon you shouldnt do. he will do everything to try get the message to you explaining why you shouldnt do somthing. i rmred once he told me to stop trying somthing ive been doing for a while simply coz he knew that i wudnt achieve what i wanted. i didnt listen to him and failed miserably. 

think i have some mental issues after writing all that haha.. but yeah. the voice within me helped me alot. and it shall help you too =]

Song of the Day: G.E.M - The Voice Within

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