Thursday, December 31, 2009

-winter no.4 NEW YEARS-


TIME: 11.30 Im fucking inside an apartment with AARON and we have wat.. 30minute before countdown. FUCK!! all the other ppl is out fucking doing their own shit. somes drunk already 20minutes into the party.. some went out for a smoke and deciding not to come back.. and WOW.. i guess its just me and aaron until new years come =='

TIME: 11.32 YAY.. fucking we got some ppl back in the room. no its clive, michael, 'pok guy', vernon and aaron along with I. for some reason they are all going to the toilet one by one ==' guess they were being GAY just then and just finishing off.
PS-pok guy = sharlene

anyways, since nothings really happening i shall tlk about my new years eve =] first i went to watch my first ever 3D movie with michael. AVATAR =]=] ITS A DAMN FCUKING GOOD MOVVIE I GOTA ADMIT! its like a while i havent seen a movie that i rkn is good from start to finish. maybe just because hes the creator of titanic.

TIME: 11.34, 2 bitches went out (michael/ aaron) for a yin and eff them == !!! i guess they will be back like right after a few grounds of chick browsing... yum xD

umm we then wanted to ice skate but only 30 minutes before the session finish so pretty much no point. then michael came up with an 'brilliant idea' he said the next session starts at 6 and we can skate then... *siolence* i quoted 'OUR FUCKING DINNER IS AT 6.30 AND ALSO WE GOTA TRAIN IT THERE SO WE DONT EVEN GET A FULL 30 MINUTES OF ICE SKATE U FUCKING FUCK!!!' yeh sorry bout that xP kinda bit rude.

TIME: 11.44 WOO!! NEW YEAR SOON XD umm aaron and micahel came back into the appartment after sic yin aaron also brought a new friend- FANTA in JELLY!!!..

TIME: 11.46 OH OH OH dom and kylie came back in as well lalalala...... oh wat.. they are fkin ggoing out again to get more fanta jelly ==' FUCK! everyones leaving. oh then.. some suggestion from pok guy to go kareoke but i dont fink its such a good idea cosh my throat is fucking FUCKED!..

oh tlking bout my throat, we went to korean bbq with 12 ppl XD and fucking hell it always happens that someone didnt pay and we gota chip in more.. ffs.. then yeh.. came up to the appartment and heaps of laughter and thats how my throat died.....

TIME: 11.50, 10 minutes left WOO XD, right now in the room we have, michael, vernon, clive, pok guy and me =] we;re watchin the tv and its fucking SHIT! fucking randoms dancing on a boat.. wtf man.. its like new year and retards dancing just dont match==' fuck.. i mean i mite as well dance naked and it will better than em.

TIME: 11.52, oh oh aaaron came back with more fanta jelly and WOOO!! we're ment to shake it before drinking.. Then pok guy putted on sorry sorry by super junior and we're fucking dancing the chorus xD hahaha...

TIME: 11.55, LOL vernon brought out some porno hentai books and sharing it with everyone xD mm yeh not bad hahha.. apparently aaron brought it up last time his up. ffs ==' now the whole atmosphere just turned into a porno convo= = tlking bout les, gay porn, and youporn all that shit lOL XD im just like trying to quote some of the lines, 'gay porn is disgusting' 'dick just go swinging around' 'i have a friend keep asking questions about gay porn' 'i watched animal porn' 'michael making orgasm noise' 'thats dog fuck'

TIME: 11.56, i fink kylie is leaving and dom (her bf) is bringing her out .. but ofcosh im like, STAY FOR NEW YEAR COUNT DOWN FIRST!! and yeh she noded xP..

omfg... arnt this the maddeste mouse pad ever!! XD


TIME: 12.02 anyways ==: the fucking drink was bad... broke my 5month no drinking streeeeeeek. gosh i nearly throw up =='.. anyways i gota wrap it up here ==

HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE ^^ and ill yeh.. hope u all have a great year.

Song of the Day: Sadie - Gain

Nelson's Update
-tbh this doesnt feel like new years...

all i gota say xD HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN! 

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