Tuesday, December 29, 2009

-winter no.2-

i woke up at 1.30 today! SHIT ==' LATEST of all.. FK..

i had like... RICE/ PORK/ and SOUP for brunch today. its very simple but delicious in the same time. the weather has dropped dramatically. its like i have been eating ice and cudnt taste my own tougue.. if u get wat i mean. anyways.. TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT IS... STARTING TO PLAN FOR NEW YEARS!!!!! YE.. only the start xP and i got 1 day to organise everything. HOW goood is that xP
for now, my plan is to GO BARBECUE IN THE MORNING and of cosh ill make everyone wake up at like 7 so we can all be ther at around 9 oclock. THEN we finish at 1ish and we;ll go to watch a FANTASTIC MOVIE and im finking of AVATA 3D!!!! woo.. then after that, normally ppl wud feel sooo weak and shit, thats when i make the ppl go ICE SKATING and FREEZE THEIR MIND OFF A BIT and just hopefully we wont get no blisters this time. THEN wen everyones all tired and stuff we go dinner ~~ ngaww nelson is such a nice guy. =] after that we go kareoke. THEN LASTLY, GO TO TST AND COUNT THE FKING DOWN!! AND GO 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEARS... blah...
yeh thats bout it =="
trying to sleep earlier today.


doesnt this stuff look likes -ballz-

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