Thursday, December 17, 2009


FFS ==' i had the most shittiest day EVER for this holiday. i fking lost an entire day of my LIFE in fcuking CARs and a BOAT =='

mum woke me up at 9 told me that she has to do this stuff before going back to hk and will go straight from there. so YEH i got up, half a wake fking doing jack shit. got on the effink car. started sleeping from like 10 - 12 whilst they are 'working' then BLAH after eating brunch, mum then tells me that we're actually going back to our house to do somthing else. SO FUCK . i cuda just slept at home till 12 or even 1 since they are coming back anyway. SO THERE, first half of the day is FCUKING gone ==.

NOW the second part of the FUCKING DAY. our boat leaves at 3 fucking 30 and our freaken driver missed a fucking turn and we gota like try chase the time and make it up asap. BUT FUCKING GUESS WAT! we DROVE FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES AND WE MISSED IT BY LIKE 2 MINUTES . FUCK ME DEAD. NOW i just got fucking home. mum already brought the tickets for 5.30 and we told the driver to come pick us up at 4.30. I JUST HOPE he FUCKING DONT MISS IT AGAIN ><
 but yeh.. its normal to be fking pissed at him right? however, i didnt say anyhting.. i just sucked it in... and swore within me. man... im like TOO NICE ==' if its you, ull prob fuck the driver up and lbha lbhablha ==" BUT YEH... only because hes kinda a good friend of mine i just shutted for now...

OMFG ==' fk LIFE..

now i wont get back to hk till 7. and later . another 30minutes in the car. 1 hr on the boat. 15 minutes on the taxi home. FUCK LIFE DEAD!!

14 dAYs DOWN
song of the day: Riyu Kosaka - Platinum Smile
nelson's update
-ps im back in hong kong now..
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