Monday, December 21, 2009


the number is 1X

100 stars in a jar

its said to be christmas shopping, skating, kareoke

3 case, one chocolate, blue with white border

              so wat did i get up to today?

ma dad is back from europe and he loved my haircut xP and commented it saying that i finally look like a boy and that im no longer a begger~ umm i also found out about me op. i was kinda shocked well half shocked. cosh i fort i missed out on all my courses BUT NO! i actually did oright :) mummy was worried if i mite go emo and do somthing stupid eg. commit suicide, jumping off a cliff, stressing into depression. she actualyl got ME kinda scard in a way cosh i fort shes angry? but NO again, she then came and yeh just tlk to me saying ITS OKAY, ATLEAST U GOT INTO UNI =] and dont listen to anyone, just believe in urself, u can do anything u want for now xP as long as ur doing the right thing and just dont do anything stupid and think aside.. and of cosh.. i laughed and smiled and i faced her saying, MUM U FINK TOO MUCH and bang, shut the door *resume onto msn*

again, aaron is like 1 week late for helping my mum to install word onto her lap top and i FCKED him up and made him come tmr morning BUAHHAA =] oh wait.. FUCK, that means i gota wake up early aswell T_T

this is what i ATE TODAY!!


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