Wednesday, December 23, 2009

-a puff-

infront of a MILD SEVEN cigerette packet, i see this:
The superbly balanced Mild Seven blend offers and inspiring moment of satisfaction.

but on the side i see: US. Sugeon General's Warning: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks To Your Health.

is this kinda hipocritical? (lol i can fking spell but oh well) like at first they advertise it bad, all they want is fking money, getting u guys to pay it, THEN once u do, they give out the warnings for quitting smoking. afterall, its a win win situation. its not like anyone wud really get convinced by the warning. and prob just keep smoking more and more.

in one hand those ppl will get their money, in another they will get approved by the outside world for 'trying' to warn ppl to quit. wata bs... i swear they better do somthing about smoking >< and for those who do smoke sorz but yeh ==" i no im kinda being 'hipocrete' aswell cosh i talk about it and shit but i hang aaround ppl that smokes. :S but yeh ==" i just wanna somehow bring it up. so yeh spare my life if ur one of my friends that smokes xP and as u no, i do hate it!

however, for my friends. i wont stop u from smoking nor i wud stop hanging around uz because u smoke, ill just hope that u 'quit' as u guys said u will and actually do somthing about it and just not all talk; but i hope u guys do give me some respect on smoking around me.. =]

'Piece' oUt xP

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