Monday, December 7, 2009

-by my self-

la di da. ive been in hk for like 5 days now. and ive been out every single day :) well today i feel like being gay and sounding gay and first as u no i used purple font to show the gayness i have for gay today. anyways, i saw this really cute thongs the other day wen i was crusing around this shopping mall. it as this panda face on it and fk its really pokeable xP. however, i cudnt take a pic of it.. cosh stupid shop assistants wudnt let me take any.. apparently its like violating their rule and they can sue me for plagourism or someshit likethat.. but srsly WATS THE FCUKING BIG DEAL? it doesnt hurt anybody? you no wat else wud be plagourism then? him fking talking to me, hez looking at ME! i did not give permission for HIM to look at me and rmr my face in his fking head. and i also did not tell those bitches to give me instruction. thats violating MY rule !!! ><  and btw... i found this half finish christmas tree on the way to this other shopping more and its alerady pretty, i wonder wat happens if they put .. a pic of my face on it and sure it will attract attention... *cough*  LOL xD

la di da again... my ass was hurting... NOTHING SUSS, even tho i said im being kinda gay today doesnt mean that i got penertrated in the ass... NO!! suss minded ppl wtf.. my ass is hurting because ive been siting next to the computer for soo long and its winter its frostbiting my ass.. lol dont no if that works. but anyways which brings me to my next topic~ HOT POT or pod i really dnt no which is correct. yeh THAT SHIT warmed up my ass ^^ and it taste like... 'good' and 'delicious' however, i only ate beef and not pork cosh u no.... swine flu :( NOR chicken cosh u no... bird flu.. i should be scard of mad cow disesae but i dont fink its as bad in hk .. yet.. i cud be the next victim 0.o

YOU NO WAT ELSE IS FUKCING RIGGED?! i just got a fking prank from a person... who hid his fking number? HOW DUMB IS THAT? wat is he trying to make me do or prove? that hes a retard? omfg. lol. oops sorry :) anger managment :) :) :) :) :)  SMILE! GOTA SMILE MORE!! :) :) :) =]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]

oh yeh, thien nguyen, happy bday :)
phillip ng happy bday :)
and hbday to everyone thats born today :) :) :) :) 

Song of the Day: Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

Nelson's Update:
- watching kamen rider agito
-going to watch the other kamen rider
-tlking on msn
-waiting for jeff's call
-eating my tougue

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