Friday, December 4, 2009

-day 1 in Hk-

since im soo bored in hk :P (I LIED) im just gonna blog, 1. to update myself and 2, for some retards.

but before i kinda talk about today, i kinda realize alota things in life xD
1.girls DONT FART
2.guys do fight for girls most of the time
3.girls are the ones who starts the fight
4.guys are ment to be muscular, but im not so.. wtf am i?
5.girls sometimes were sexy clothes but then gets pissy wen guys look at them, then WTFs the point of wearing it? to show your MUM?
6.guys and their pro driving skills does not apply anymore~
7.girls can actually deal with stuff alot better than guys in terms of writing documents, my dad was like helping me filling in this form right, and damn he even struggled to fill in those simple questions and he even has to come to me and ask wen my bday and were do we live cosh he forgot how to write this character. whereas my mummy, i dont have to worry bout shit and its done before i no it.
8.guys is soo good at scratching their balls without others knowing, speshally in public.
9.pretty girls covers their mouth wen they laugh and the ones that arnt as good doesnt.
10.guys are so much better than u girls :P LOL XD
11.girls are soo much cuter than guys in terms of same gender relationships :)
12.guys do cry
13.girls smokes skinny cigerettes
14.guys doesnt have to think when it comes to love or anything, love is always their choice
15.girls cant live without guys
16.guys cant live without girls either
17.girls are soo good at arguing, the guys can never win.
18.guys act different when they watch porn instead of by themselves
19.girls always has a reason for having an affair
20.guys dont need one

well i havent had a proper sleep fo fkiing a week now... 9 is prob the latest time i woke up so far. and DAMN i hardly got any shit sleep today.

i got home, immediately i went out to get my passport renewed and get a new simcard for phone. i then went to eat a lil.. but its alright for the eating part cosh it tastes great. can u smell it? HAH JEALOUS? i then went to fix my glasses blha blahbalh.... get a case for my iphone but failed cosh there isnt any hot ones that attracts me.. atte the hottest spicy fish ball ever in the world. got home. bumming

thats all :)

Song of the Day: Yui - Again

Nelson's Update:
-enjoying hk
-watching tv
-downloading since its unlimited download
-checking dance timetabel

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