Wednesday, December 30, 2009

-winter no.3-

Band: Sadie
Release: 30/12/09


01 gain

02 brain core

03 beauty shadow


05 愛しさは孤独の支配者

06 Regret



i woke up at 10 today. was tlking to a friend on the phone till 4 last night X_x our boat was at 1.30 so we gota be ready by 12.30. there wernt much to pack since i didnt go shopping at all for the past 2 days in china.

i slept most of the day. slept in the car, in the boat and on the way home. =/ feeling very tired lately. guessing that my sleeping timetable is officially screwed up to the max.

after i got home, nothing is really fun as i didnt have anything planned, nor for tmr so i was u'no just finking that im gonna spend the next two days at home watching tv.

however, stuff has got a lil interesting. sistah's boy friend took my bradah and i to festival walk. i went ice skating they went shopping. i finally learnt how to switch directions at a high speed while skating now ^^.

laaa!~ THEN before i was gonna go dinner, i got a call from benny~ my man!! he called and hes like oh tmr we're gonna dinner at cosway bay eating korean barbecue and after, we'll go to the river side and count down, THEN party at CLIVES house!! WOOT =]=]

i then went dinner for the first time in my life with JEREMY, NELSON, JENNIFER in the same table. like srsly... this is like our first ever time eating with only 3 of us. woahh xD and the pizzas are HUGE but the lamb ribs smels like eww ==;

i kinda pissed michael off cosh he was sleeping xP but anyways i told him that we got somthing planned and we're gonna watch AVATAHHH 3D before the dinner. buhahaha xD

just hope everything turns out good..

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