Monday, December 28, 2009



gay sleep =='
slepted at 2.30 but freaken it was raining right, and there were raindrops falling onto the damn aircon, all u hear is like *TICK TICK TICK TICK TUCKKT TUCKKC TICK TICK* AHHH FK!! SO ANNOYING!! and it was like the first half of the night ==" i kinda got use to it and slept for 30 minutes BUT FUCK!! IT GOT LOUDER!! SO WOW... i fink it was 4ish somthing that i finally died from exhaustion. but then. wow... i got woke up at 10ish cosh apparently im going up to china straight away.. i simply just raged at everyone on ebuddy that started tlking to me lol.. telling them how i cudnt sleep and just had a big pms-explosion.. and its fking cold...

blahh anyways.. on the boat i slept

on the way home i slept
then wooo we stayed for like 20 minutes and its already dinner time ?! wtf it was like ... 5 somthing i dont no. but yeh time just seem to past very fast...

got to the resturant around 6 and had dinner with this american partner :S

i also got told that i mite be staying for another 5 days cosh of major dinner that involves everyone in dad's business and its a pretty big thing and it will be rude not to be there =/

.. fnished around 8 im pretty sure.... got home at around 8.30
shower.. lbhablha eff around ..

msn time. then yeh~~~


Song of the Day: Gazette - Distress and Coma

Nelson's Update:
in china
freezing my ass off
being bored

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