Tuesday, December 8, 2009

-my intelligence-

-50 reason to get someone to cam with you-
wee.. i spend... 20 minutes finking bout this =="

1.i wanna no wat ur wearing
2.i wanna how have u been

3.i wanna no have u change ur appearance

4.i wanna no if ur lights are turned off

5.i wanna no if u are eating so i can tell u to stop before u turn fat

6.i wanna see u smile

7.i wanna see if ur webcam has good quality

8.i wanna see if ur lying wen ur telling me somthing

9.i wanna look at u more before i dont have the chance

10.i forgot how you look like

11.i forgot wats the date today and u have a calender to show me it

12.i wanna see ur brothers and sisters if they are still awake

13.i wan you to show me something on webcam

14.i fink i dreamt about u last night and i kinda forgot half of it but if i see u again, i mite rmr more things

15.i have no reason to not see u on webcam

16.'i dont have makeup on' .. i like u better without make up :)

17.show me your dog

18.u can make me a crying face so i can tease and laugh at you. nah jks..

19.i wan u to reply me by drawing on a pease of paper

20.you fulfil my night

21.i havent seen u for the past 6 days

22.i wanna prove to u that i can do anything to get wat i wanna achieve

23.to see if u wear make up before you sleep

24.i wan you to show me ur accessories again

25.i wont let u down

26.i wan give u a nickname after tonight but first i need u to show me wat u somthing

27.i dont like you and i wanna make myself like u by staring at u

28.i didnt realize how retarded you are and want more of ur retardness

29.ill get u somthing if u cam with me

30.i will rmr tonight

31.i wonder if ur parents are hugging behind you
32.i feel like it

33.im drawing a picture of you so i need you to give me a good pose and stay like that for 2 hrs

34.after so many times i told u to sleep early, i wanan see ur panda eyes

35.you make me jizzzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~~~~~~

36.i will see if your lying after i give u the 50 reasons

37.i like the way u give me the evil :P look

38.i got u a necklace and i just wonder will it fit onto ur neck
39.you can show me how you put on your contacts

40.i wanna see ur finking face

41.i can see everything ur doing so if ur not wearing enuff clothes and ur snizzing, ur getting in trouble by me

42.i wanna see u wearing glasses

43.i can see u sleep and how u bear hug ur sister

44.ill see your pretty face.. *cough* jks

45.i can give u a test.. 1,2,3.... SMILE :) :) mm gotcha~

46.ive reached my goal

47.i wanna see the picture on ur cup

48.i dont wanna regret anything after tonight

49.i miss you .. (fk... ONE MORE)

50.i can have a glance of your sexy body XP OH DAMN!

this wont work if:
she doesnt have a webcam
she says no from start to end
shes got someone else in the room with her vise verser
shes shy
if your just playing around and not srs enuff!

somtimes its weird having someone u talk to every night being someone you treasure alot in ur heart.. for majority of the high schoolers, if this turns out good then you guys go out, if it turns out bad then trajety arrives and sometimes friendships are broken off. However, as a person who exp'ed the stuff i mention just then, the worse thing that cud happen to u about love is not knowing weather to continue or let go. if u choose to continue with wat u started with, then the one suffer will be only you, where as if u let go, it does you good in a way thats if ur lucky, but if miss out on a great oppotunity, then ull prob never get that chance again. im a good example. i havent treasure my relationships strong enuff that i wud wait for that person.. nor i have let go and totally forgot bout that person. maybe this is the reason why i dont find much things to be happy about in my life even when i kinda have a slightly better lifestyle than others.

theres alot that i learnt from every single 'love' actually.. i dont even no how to define love. is it a word use to describe a rookie couple becoming a deep and meaningful partner; or just a word used daily by ppl to satisfy a certain feeling.. anyways, this misterious word had tot me how to deal with many situations dealing with it. this took me ages but i kinda have it in one statement 'love only arrives when you know you are certain about it, if your not fully concern with whats provided for you by love, don't fall for the attraction of love or the only one being harmed... is you.' thanks to you.. i acknowledge alot and you gave me another lesson about 'love'. I wont wait nor i wud continue. Just how we are now is the best out of all the other 2 options =]

Song of the Day: TaeYang - Wedding Dress (this is for you!)

Nelson's Update:

-making adjustments

forgot to say.. your welcome, and i also thank you too .. Retard.. =]

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