Friday, August 6, 2010


i had really made a big fool of myself. i see this world more clearer. it seems dark and dull.. (CAUSEITSFUCKING12INTHEMORNINGUFUCK) no... everything is soo crucial. anger. revenges, jealousy, obsession, grave is the final destination. things that have been around me for almost a quater of my life has slowly revealed its true identity. it discusses me. I would like to get rid of this thing from my life as soon as possible. this leech, shall leave this world and make a better use of itself.

it actually concerns me when this comes to a matter of disturbance and irratation. how about dig a hole and bury urself in it? things that hasnt revealed to me directly has already indirectly left a big scar right on my forehead. stop trying to or being so naive and make a change to ur life. many things that has changed, you should change too. 討厭的傢伙。我要你死無葬身之地!heh... this feels good.. i will so make my life better without this egotistical character out of my story.

i tried controling this feeling for months now. it sure doesnt stop here. it has to be set free. this is just rediculous. memories does not equal to future. and ur future however does get reflected from ur past. for someone(s), make up ur fcking mind. i could not stand this one more single day + 1 anymore. this feeling can distinguish right now.

土.土.土 these graves are the meant for you people. make urself feel comfortable.

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