Tuesday, August 10, 2010

-sky is falling--

Delore - Reborn
ive actually never heard this band before, but they seem to be nice guys :)

anyways, hello. FEEL LIKE USING RED TODAY. i wanna you to really see whats infront of you.. all of you actually.. the things you are missing out. the ones that love u and the ones that will not give u good future. for those who are living a blindly life, open ur eyes. please dont rkn im just gonna be a puppet and let u yell at me wenever u feel like, im here to tell u kunts that its fcking enuff. who the ffck do u think you are to yell at me like this? dont see me doing it to u wen ur the actual one who started it. try to fcking take a joke for once, and learn from me; to chill down. plus its not even a right place for u tonight to yell shit to us like this, its a fcking event and u ruined it for everbody. 

i honestly dont no why the hell u will just target at me, maybe cosh i bearly 'yell' back at u wen u give me the shit that i cant take. but from now on, ill just ignore u man, srsly if u didnt do wat u did today, ill still erase the stuff uve said to me from the past, but as for now, ill rmr every single word that comes out from ur mouth which contains language that u used against to be pay me out and shuve it all back at ur face. ur not much better dude, i treat as u best mate and u end up giving me this shit? fck off.

 i wish things were just like the past..

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