Friday, August 20, 2010

-redeem myself-

just wished the vid can be edited.. movie maker failed to run on vista
fun night with my boiz~
thanks kevin for shouting me dinner the first time
come back soon mum,  get me some clothes from hk
hello anthony, see u tonight at the party ;)
when will x Japan release their rest of the remainding live?
will johnny wang be able to get enuff ppl to go have a dance jam tmr?
how many sleeps will i have tonight?
skiped uni again on a friday for the 3rd week in a row, shall better get back to it and start my essay..
we have to learn to luv ur haters becoz that'll piss them off more :P
after seeing u ppl today, i wanna have gf :L
sometimes i didnt realise holding ur piss in was soo painful :(
oi jing, its okay, girls are just girls, they come and go.
"if you want me to treat you nice, atleast show me if ur worth it or not"
lucifer by shinee, good song :) -learning dance cover- =]
its raining last night and i had a dream, it was about hailing :O
sorry hayden for nearly killing u last night while waving at u in the car >__< damn it was close, that car just stopped right infront of u leaving like a 30cm gap between u and the other car..
cant wait for sid/sadie's new single! September <3

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