Monday, August 30, 2010


its better not to say to much, sometimes it backfires right atchu

writing as im going so dont bother correcting me, ull go for ages. at tops, you look like someone i know. good looking ^^ i do actualyl cherish those moments but then again ive told you i rather not meeting you from the start. atleast it will give u less trouble. i intend to make a good friend, but end up falling in a dark room with no way out. by critiquing my actions, i can prove to myself that i am a fool. one fool that will give up alot for someone like you. a naive kid. wat do u have that others dont? i dont no.. its all past. i dont care way happens in the future, im down for w/e. rmr sitting next to you at the busstop, asking you wtf is going on. i really rmr that day. it is very windy. u stayed silent. until now ur still silent. i will expect ionno, idm and idc. i wud wan to make a change, but ur not giving me the chance to. this feeling of wanting to get hurt even more makes me high.. heh.. i wonder how much time will i sustain this. i dont no my feelings for u, its on and off. i dont want a true feeling anymore. i rather it stay like this as it will not affect neither of us. im being annoying i understand. it shall fade. i want it to fade as fast as the passing of this 18 years. i want to develop my own way of communication with the forest. listen to insects, listen to the trees, listen to this powerful environment; by myself. i wud want to dig a hole in between this two palm trees and bury myself in it to give me time to think about my future. kid, u make me happy, you make me feel guilty, u make me feel dumb, u had made me feel differently everyday. right now i feel pale. actually i wud also want to make u feel happy, but i know ive already achieved that ages ago. but i wud also wan to piss u off by saying 'give me my kfc now' >=) and ull go fck yu.. hah.. i like it wen u smile. i like it wen u get angry at me.. cosh u never do.. right now ill say to you: fuck you too!

song of the day: Yoona - Innisfree Day

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