Sunday, August 29, 2010


these bunch of kients.. hahaha luv them aye xD one of my fav song back in school days! might aswell lemmi do it withchu guys next time, im bored shitless aswell.

Anihuz, i dont wanna startt my assessment.... its due friday.. FCK uni.... exams are coming soon aswellll.... *BRAIN DEAD*

What to not do when you get dc out of msn:
1. do not rage
2. do not break anything near you
3. do not swear
4. do not tell me how piss you are because im as pissed cause i cudnt fcking talk you
5. do not try fixing it becoz it normally wont work
What to do when you get dc out of msn:
1. remain calmed
2. you can txt/call me instead
3. go listen to SNSD on your ipod
4. have an apple
5. think about sleeping earlier since ur nets fcked
6. go to the kitchen and make some bubble tea
7. just leave your comp, it shall eventually go fine after a while~

 Shall start learning SID's Rain cosh i have so much time i spend doing jackall.

Song of the Day: Shinee - Lucifer, she loves this song ~

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