Sunday, August 15, 2010

-chaos back to tasteless-

how weird.. when i woke up, i felt this tingling feeling. im not very good at expressing myself. i had an clueless introduction, furious body and a miserable conclusion. i couldnt turn back at the time, i didnt look clearly. my mistakes again, my ignorance, all backfired on me with a whole heap of regret and shame. im struggling as i was hiding under my blankets, scared of facing the truth again. it stings even thinking about it. i could not resist this pain. this 'confused' feeling i got is actually what i have to cope with. why can i make my life easier for myself. this is getting no where. why struggle to walk this 悲伤路. apart from sorry, i dont know what to say.

y'know i really enjoyed the past two nights.. that feeling feels like the ones we had since last year.. me being a stupid clown on the street and ur the only audience who wud watch and laugh at my random jokes..

i wish this vid happens to me also.. let me wake up..

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