Monday, August 2, 2010

-these questions arnt from my mind-

10 day bestfriend challenge ;
01. 5 facts about your bestfriend
02. A picture of you and your bestfriend
03. Write a list of things you and your bestfriend like to do together
04. Write a letter to your bestfriend
05. When and how did you and your bestfriend meet?
06. How often are you and your bestfriend together?
07. Favorite thing to do together
08. When was the last time you and your bestfriend hung out?
09. Does your bestfriend live close to you or far away?
10. Do you and your bestfriend have an abbriviation for your friendship(like, Bff, Bffl, exc)?

Person 1: Alex Ho Hoi Yeung
Fact 1: he just got his P's
Fact 2: works at a bucher shop 
Fact 3: he hates his family and wanna move out
Fact 4: he wud like his partner to yell "Ah, LEXY" while having sex
Fact 5: hes gay wenever hes single
Thats the best i cud find =='

We like to do:
-maximum tune
-talk about girls
-discuss our future
-bs on msn when we're bored
-make UHHHH sounds whenever we feel like it.
-swear at each other like how we normally communcate.

Skipping 4&7&8's for all my friends.
Met this cunt in grade 2, my neibour class.

Twice a week

He lives piss far from me now cosh hes a pussy.

A.N. asshole :)

yes, im bored.. just like you.. in uni i took random photos :)
ment to concentrate at the projector :) not the bra strap of this random classmate :) :)

and i was gonna make a finger shuffle video but my movie maker effed up so .. yeh.. heres the original copy...
interesting aye :)

Song of the Month: Kana Nishino - If

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