Sunday, August 22, 2010

-when facing death-

Black Butler II takes on a gothic, supernatural vibe. But rather than carry it out with vampires or the like, this anime uses butlers and creepy boys.
Alois, one of the focal characters in this episode of the anime, acts like a brat, and a viewer might wish she could call him just that. He does small attempts to infuriate Claude like unbuttoning a shirt so that Claude must do it again, but he also commits acts of greater cruelty. He purposely tricks a maid into looking straight at him, just so he can punish her by jabbing out her eye with his own finger.

When the guests arrive, Alois uses emotive tricks to make them feel sorry for him. These same affectations are attempted on the viewer, but not only are most emotional scenes entirely overwrought (Alois screaming "Nooooo!" in a flashback), the viewer can't help but remember Alois's disgustingly cruel act. If viewers are supposed to feel sorry for him, it's not working.

Claude has an exceptional lack of personality. Stoicism seems to be the only trait the anime creators gave the new butler, and while this might be meant to make him mysterious and appealing to the fan girls, it really just makes Claude boring.
The rest of the Black Butler II cast is also dull, or just annoying. The priest and Alois's "uncle" make no impression on the viewer, and the viscount is sickeningly flamboyant. They serve to purpose in the anime's plot aside from getting Claude to show off his magical butler powers, which certainly could have been done without them.

Black Butler II doesn't become exciting until the second half, when original anime's butler, Sebastian, makes an appearance. There is something he wants from the Trancy basement, and a fight ensues between him and Claude when his identity is discovered. This was surprising, as the opening sequence makes it appear as though Claude and Alois take center stage in this anime. Time will tell how Sebastian and Ciel play into Black Butler II.
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A souless body does not redeem itself..

I wonder what is it like to die? Looking in darkness with fear shall get me no where; yet sorrow settles in as death slowly arrives. Does heaven and hell exist? Will I be dragged down to hell regards the misfortunes I've practiced throught life.

Song: Black Butler- Kalafina

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