Wednesday, March 10, 2010

-what would you do if ur me-

Situation: Pluto as left the solar system leaving Venus alone.. they where ment to be very close to each other. Pluto treasured Venus up to 9months..00million years. The real reason for Pluto to leave is left as a mistery. Aparently Pluto had verbally offened Venus. It was very hard for venus. She was alone. Orbiting around the sun without her only one. She isnt very close with other planet. At the worst point of her life. Along comes Earth who coincidently was orbiting in line with Venus. Earth had his first glmipse of Venus 10months..00 million years ago and was very aware of Venus; hoping Venus would appear infront of Earth again, not for long, as short as 1milli-second is enough. Earth was luckily to stay in touch with Venus for a while. Even when their position around the Sun was different, they still manage to see every night.. 100 years. Earth felt right into Venus' gravitational pull and decided to one day give up the Sun for Venus and be her Moon- rotating around her as she faces light or dark, just be there for her until eternal.
As Earth had made his decision and decided to move out of his orbit and slowly approach Venus. He knew that once he do so, he would'nt be able to go back. Even going against the law of Science, Earth struggled very hard to try get close with Venus every millimeters of the distance. At this point, not long after Earth have chosen his pathway, Pluto came back insight. He was pulled back by Sun's gravitational pull and appears to be back on the same old journey. Venus stopped and looked. Its really him. After soo long Pluto has left Venus. Earth realises that his has no chance and clearly sees the one that Venus was waiting for is Pluto. Venus tried forcing herself to not think about the past and forget Pluto once and for all. With that being said, Earth who is currently the clone Pluto, has the choice to support Venus and stop her from thinking about Pluto; or having the intention of making Pluto happy and doing what is best for her. Several of days years have past. Earth finally decided for the sake of seeing Venus happy, she has to stop lying to herself about the fact that she misses Pluto alot. Earth approached Venus and told her that there is no point for her to force herself into somthign she doesnt want, afterall, she will get cornered and end up despretely needing to see Pluto no matter what happens. Venus could'nt prove Earth wrong and will consider what he has said. Right now, Earth pretty much has lost his reason to orbit. What could he do.. Fight his way back to orbiting around the Sun or continue monitoring Venus and just be there for her ... IF she needs it.

if your Earth.. what will you do?

Song of the day: Epik High - Run

I highly recommend you guys to watch this music video too.. i like it.. i imagined myself being the guy.. i wish i could run away aswell.

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