Monday, March 22, 2010

-i lost-

well jesus took 3 days to revive..
i took 3 days to give up everything..
chances are less then 0
no one will spare me mersy
all i have left is the illusions while i rest,
if im lucky enuff, ill see them, if not, NILL.

i fink the candle had just finish burning,
visibility is no longer available in my sight.
i do not see a clear view of my future anymore.
does anyone really know the feeling of this?
patients.. is what they all say,
but nightmares are striking continuously.

is everything i done worthless?
what did i get out from all this..
just a few words saying 'you understand me'
or 'bffl' ... am i not trying hard enuff?
will it all end up back like last year, 
all i do is sit and wait.. and wait..

i never had believed in mircles..
not until i met you. well thats what i thought,
im just fooling myself the whole time.
thinking ahead of myself, making stupid decsions.
ask if i regret, i wudnt be able to answer it..
let me be..

this reunited feeling im getting from you,
will soon be official and i know it will get worse.
far more deep then the one before.
will i be able to counter it like the past?
or will i sink to the bottom of the ocean,
hoping the moment will once again arrive.

tbh, there isnt much happy endings in life.
not that i know of anyway,
it has always ended up like this.
i recieved: hatred, betrayal, untrustworthy and tears.
maybe a emotional-free smile.
i lost.. again..

song of the day: Gazette - Before I DECAY

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