Sunday, March 7, 2010

-lonely sunday-

she said:
*woke up
*went busstop when i was meant to be at southbank..
*got there late
*then found out sb cinemas were full
*went ct
*got tickets for alice in wonderland
*walked about... shopping..
*movies.. more walking..
*went southbank then bak to ct..
*then home
*wait no
*then cousins ! :D
*and then bball... then out for dinnerr... then friends place.. then home

 having atleast someone to tlk to on msn is obviously nothing like my blog name.

- for once i stayed home and studied for uni
-i watched hunter x hunter again and now up to episode 78 and cutted off.
-i felt really tired even having 10 hrs of sleep.. tragic.
-the aircon wasnt turned on the whole day. global friendly arnt i =]
-having kris sleeping over again after a week
-trying my bes to not think about tmr because i ahve to drive jeremy to skool.
-waited and waited for venus to get online
-felt kinda jealous after hearing from her but soon, wanting to find out more
-i wanna be by her side
-10.46pm, she went offline and came back on at 22.49
-its not fear. your just afriad to face it.
  -made the worse decision ever
             -i believed in genie because of Aladdi
-tbh i have nothign to tlk to about with venus.
-i would like to live in antarctica and speak antarctican or panguinese.

song of the day: X-Japan - Longing

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