Monday, March 15, 2010

-in a rush-

oh my fcking god. my day is soo rushed !!!

woke up at the zwelve serty. had a shower, had some food, drove out to work. however, i croooozed there for like 1 hr i already hata go pick up my bradah.

i used like 60km/hr for my entire trip (excluding turns and lights) to macGregor high school. DAMN, my friends dad parked his car right behind where i was standing. and becoz i have to give him a good impression just incase he sees me, i gota like hardcore hide my bad habits (dance or move my body when im bored; swear to my friends all of a sudden; shake my legs; pretend to be cocky because im outside a school and all that crap) it was like the longest 5 minute i ever had in my life. jeremy came out from school i kinda tried the 'cute method' and had my hands on jeremy's shoulder and slowly followed behind his back xD just hope i didnt make a big scene and still give him a good impression hahaha!! cosh yeh.. as you all know imma fking good brodah!

my next incident was at freaken yuens in MARKET 'the surface of a cube',  SUNNYBANK! i was gonna recharge my gocard after i got some soyasauce for the fam. but guess what. THEY DONT DOO IT IN THE AZN PLACE. WTF IS THAT! i had like my hottest RICHFACE on me and bout to pull out the $50 note but BAM. he says NO.. rejection.. fMl will you?.. so yeh i fking gave up and walked out of the store looking like a ex richkient and a current retarded fk.

ladida i got home.. lost to jeremy in basketball. EVEN FML MORE MAN!! ==' but oh well.. i have an excuse.. my .. legs are sore... FKING GRADE 6 EXCUSE MAN! LOL XD but anyways.. had a beautiful shower without clothes on. then blahh went down stairs and omfg.. this is the highlight of the day. I WAS MOTIVATED TO DO ASSIGNMNENT! AND GUESS WAT! i did it :) i didnt even know why i did it wen its due next friend when i got like 3 other ones due this week haha.. OH WELL.. ill work on the other ones later.. in my life..

ladida skip all those dinnering shit.. and WOW.. tried my best to downgrade or jailbreak my iphone.. and it doesnt work.. and im still doing it now... just taking some time off to blog.... imma soo die tmr.. gota drive jeremy to skool...

anyways thats all for tonight..


which is our song of the day: T-ara - I'm Really Hurt!
 a really good club song i rkn haha.. and yes.. VENUS.. i am hurt cosh ur always hiding.. u bish :) and go sleep buahha!

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