Monday, March 29, 2010

-full of shit-

im a tv,
i like to get watched,
i can change depending on wat you like,
if i break, u have to throw me away..

im a chair,
u can sit on me (only if ur not fat xD),
u can move me around to suit ur comfort,
if i lose a leg, i will be disregarded..

im a phone,
u can use me wenever u wanna tlk to others,
u will treasure my 10 digit name,
if my screen crack, u wont use me anymore..

im a computer,
u can control me if u give me appropriate program,
u will need me aswell as others,
if i have virus, i will not respond u to..

im a speaker,
u wont look at me but just listen to me,
u know, im jealous of the mic cosh u guys talk.
if i burst, u wont even listen to me again..

im a fridge,
u know that im cold hearted,
u will not let stuff rott in me and always keep me refreshed.
if i stuff up, everything i have with u will be gone..

havent blog much lately.. uni/ parti/ and famili is keeping me very busy.. hmmm.. and i realised i havent got much Nelson's Update written in my blog.. so yeh.. here are some updates for me:
- celebrated mike qiu and chungy's bday :)
- i finished alota uni work and just got thru half of my essay on 'happiness'
- my favourite kpop band is currently after school
- im gonna stay up on the 30/3/10 and pull a allnighter cause i have to drive my sister to airport at 3..
- i got back to piano. its going very smooth ^^
- i havent seen Venus for a while now.. sorta getting use to this feeling with her just appearing out of no where but not tlking to her at all becosh of Pluto.
- i love my bros! Lexy, Wengzie, Allan, a Hou, Black kunt, Chungy, STFU, Aaron, Dog, Mike Q, Ant
- im starting to think about my 18th.
- im learning b2st's shock dance steps 

Song of the Day: And - Rengoku
soz about the rock music xD this is how i feel atm :)

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