Sunday, March 21, 2010

-missing somthing-(2nd night)

man. im craving to see venus! totally owned myself. have you guys ever had those:

xx feeligns when you tried no think about someone, YOU THINK 3x's as more?
xx feelings wen u see somthing relating to that person u will be like oh fuck...
xx experience when you planned this plan up just to show/express ur feelings to her and ends tragically?
xx moments when she randomly appears infront of u, ur heart speeds up immediately and u will go wtf should i do and the second moment is 'awkwardness'
xx times when u listen to a old song that resembles both and makes u emo?
xx gifts u recieve from ur partner and losing it due to ur careless acts which makes u feel soo pathetic?
xx jokes how it just went soo far it fked up ur relationship?
xx fights with ur parnter over somthing very lil but somehow tlk to them very normally after a while?
xx hard times without that person and if u see ur close friends, they will become ur diary, listen to everything u say but they wont comment back and just *nods* and i understand?
xx people telling you to move on becosh u will end up screw urself up and suffering more.
xx drinks that are sour?

if chris brown was here, he wud be with you..
if sean kinston was here, he wud tell me big BOYS dont cry..
if fort minor is here, he will say where'd you go..
if black eyed peas are here, they will understand that i gota feeling..
if britney spears here, she will come back in 3 seconds..
if akon is here, he will call me a troublemaker..
if babyface, he will understand my loniness..
if beyonce is here, ill ask her to give me a halo..
if craig david is here, he will last longer than 7 days..
if fall out boys are here, ill thank them for the memories..
if elliot yamin is here, he will encourage me to wait for you..
if guy sebastian is here, he wont like it like that..
if jason mraz is here, ill tell her that, i'm yours..
if justin timberlake is here, ill want him to bring the sexy back..
if lady gaga is here, i will borrow her poker face..
if linkin park is here, in the end, you will come back..
if ne-yo is here, he wont call me a Mr independent..
if pussycat dolls are here, ill beep my life..
if timberland is here, ill apologise amillion times..
if the veronicas are here, they'll understand wen stuff falls apart..
if fergie was here, i wont be soo clumbsy..
if rihanna is here, i wont stop the music.. 
if super maris was here.. he will never leave luigi..
if ash was here.. pikachu will never be alone..
if taylor swift was here.. this will not be my love story..
if michael jackson was here.. he will still be popping ^^ RIP!
if nelly furtado is here.. ill say it right this time..
if you were here, i wont be like this..

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