Wednesday, March 3, 2010

-i wanna tell you that...-

- i have to say im sorry. ive said heaps of mean things to you, but really, most of the time wen i do that im either busy doing somthing or have to reply other ppl's msg.. i srsly dont mean it!! like today, even tho i didnt know wats rong with you but i know i was being a fag too. i didnt know what to say. in a way i wanted you to feel bad but in another im just going wtf... and sorry i fort that your a different person lo. ill tty once we're both calmed down.

- thanks for your songs. speshally destiny, Miliyah Kato. am listening to it while im blogging xP anyways. tonight was a weird night i guesss :L the stuff i said wernt too appropriate and i do apologize for my action aswell. i know how ur feeling. liking someone but that person doesnt seem to respond you in the way you wanted. ive had that heaps.. still having it. but again because i know how it feels, im certain that i wont want you to experience it too. i think you should give others an oppotunity and hopefully get over the person u like now.. plus that person is not a good man and you know it. sorry i wasnt there for you when u need someone..

- vanni, even though ive only met you for like 3 days... but for some reason i rkn ive met u for 3 years haha. but hower.. im soo gonna write your name into my 死亡笔记, and write slipped from a banana skin and break ur neck as the cause of death hhahahah!! im soo evil xD and no i wont listen to you. i will eat both red apples and green apples. you have no right to command me.. yet :) its okay if u cant come to the coast xD ill just let u find me. haha its fking late and im ment to be sleeping BUT NO! im too busy getting distracted by you ==. yes.. you wanna say you hate me soo much but really, i know u dont mean it buhahahaha cosh im just soo nice to you :P go sleep!

- good luck with her P's next month on the 12th of april. tbh, wen u thanked me, i blushed xD i dont no why haha.. natural effects that focked me over hahaha. look, i dont care whats going on anymore.. i like it this way, welll atleast feel comfortable with it. i will wait. but yeh xP dont wanna tell her soo much today :)

Song of the Day: B2ST - Shock

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