Saturday, January 2, 2010

-damn u cops><-

man i got effink search by the police today== they were dressed as normal pedestrians. one tapped me on the shoulder and said *police, get ur ID out*

fk i started shitting myself ==.. i got put to the corner then he told me to dont vmoe and began searching my body. man he even touched my ass ==' omfg... and then i had this lil bum bag with me and they even search that, finking theres gonna be drugs in it. the first police questioned about the bum bag and it was kinda fine. but then the second one came along and found my sistah's master card. then got question, how come u have this card, im just like :S:S:S:S:S its my sistahs blha lbhablha... FUC == i shat myself big time... then he goes, yeh give it back to ur sistah soon, ill believe u this time. blha lbhablha. and let me go..

that ruined my fking day ==" went to kareoke sang a lil bit.. but friends wana go bowling but yeh i didnt wanna. fuck.

just because i dress a lil more mature i get fking violated like that.. fCUK!...

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  1. haha nah man, they were just looking for an excuse to touch u brah. (=