Thursday, September 9, 2010

-looking forward for these coming weeks-

Gazette, finally produce somthing worth my time to download and enjoy since their single 'Distress and Coma'. Haha, funny, their songs called RED but im writing in blue.. a pretty big contrast. but dw, the love for them shall continue from this point onwards :) 

Reita's (bass)hair is so much cooler. The fact that he has a nose band is hot enuff but DUDE, now hes also got a head band.. woahh ^^ its not longer blonde blonde, but it really suits him i gess. this guy gives me a misterious feeling. i really wonder wats hiding behind that band..
then we have our drummer, kai. he is actually becoming alot more attractive. despite that his drum skill is very awesome, he seems to be more appealing than wat he was in the past. his hair also changed alot. at a point, he had alota extentions but now, simply natural but carries a sense of ohrah with him xP
up next is Mr Uruha, dude, i honestly dont no how to pronounce his name, OO-ROO-Ha? haha but anyyways hes very awesome, his hair changes all the time. in 'Shivers' his hair was ultra long and was all pushed to the front giving a megawavy look, however in this one, it looks more straight and clean. reminds me of that red hair guy from final fantasy but dont no his name =P. i ike his jacket too.. omfg.. i wanna go japan!!!
 totally cant miss Aoi, his guitar skill is wow.. facinating. this shall make him one of my fave guitarist. before, i didnt know why he has like a 2in1 guitar but now.. i still dont no wats its called but i know why he has it :P he is less attractive than the other few but i wudnt mind him to be my big brother :) 
 lucky last, we have vocalist RUKI! he is BLONDE AGAIN!!! he suits blonde more i rkn, this clean straight  spikey hair was wat he had back in the past wen hes younger. hes voice is very unique. it is so strong! power! dynamic! have i told u that his tatoo is also amazing.. its located below his chin and along his neck just like nails thursting thru his skin~ wow.. SEXY!
 overall, gazette had made me happy with this album thats why i decided to dedicate a whole blog for them =] NOT.. :P well now some of my own shit~

listening exam for german in 2 weeks exactly. bday comes in 1 week exactly. reiji is 1 day after my bday should i go? i shall decide later. however there is a higher chance of me going to the halloween KK cosh those kients want me to go dance with them. and YES just dancing :P not thinking about getting girls at this moment :P 

mum decided to put a bed in this computer room for brother, so therefore i cant stay up late anymore skyping with friends. fml~ well i kinda didnt care last night and got lil bro pissed.. oh wellz.. =D ill try aviod it, if i cant.. too bad!!

parties are coming up, i shall get wasted even provided i have exams coming up. oh wellz fck it :P worry about it later. but one enemy still currently infront of me everynight. 'inosmnia' its soo effed? like srsly.. let me sleep ==' i just seem to thinkn of shit every night wen i get off the comp and jump on bed. i hear the highway, cars speeding; the wind clashing in and hitting my window; homestays from next door walking around going to toilet; that tempt which wants me to check my phone once in a while.. hah.. i wan it to stop.. some say to use pills.. but i dont do drugs == dont wanna get addicted... maybe i need a old method of tlking on the phone and get tired from that.

kkk... no more. im done for today =D

Song of the Day: Gazette - Red 

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