Friday, September 10, 2010

-looking at her-

she is soo bored that i have to write a bored to describe how bored it is.... so anyways... she is just lying there doing jack shit... i really like wanna push her off the chair. she is gay...... she has somthign to play with, but she doesnt seem to be saatisfied.. she looks stressed / tired. her hands are fat =] i dont no why is she lying there.. she can just go sleep.. ==' okay my shitty habits kicking in again... im just gonna type w/e that comes to my head... she just sat up.... looking up at the screen and back at the bird straight away... a song just played that totally made me fink back into the past... OMFG ==' i shall make her suffer for everything ... i wanna eat her alive. smile smile smile... i hate seeing ur dead look...... 
why do i look sooo different in grade 11 ==

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