Thursday, June 24, 2010

-random shit-

- i had a big habit of making noodles with cold water? simply becoz i foget to boil it :)

- i say im eating breakfast at 2 simply becoz its my first meal of the day :)

- any girl that ive thought about were once analysed by myself wondering if we wud have a good future.

- ill calm myself down with my piano music.

- im starting to care about my muscles .__. cosh everyones got them!

- my wish is to be taller than my dad which is... NOW :)

- playing with dogs reminds me of grandma...

- fullmetal alchemist (brotherhood) is making me very pumped up!

- i have to multitask everytime im on msn or ill get bored shitless.

- everyone will stay up and do assignments and study, i stay up to blog.

- 'crappy days usually ends up in a happy ending' thats wat i believe

- i feel useless when i compared myself with the universe.

- im not ticklish, pfft jks. im just holding it in but to act tough, ill keep a straight face.

- i see myself as a boring person writing another blog 5 years later.

- i like playing with my pen, but i hate writing.

- 80% of the time when im writing blog, im expierencing mental fuckedupness

- i will choose going back to the past then into the future.

- crayons were never my priority, markers are :)

- i can make ppl smile wen i say... 'smile' =] gotcha!

- i will wonder why on earth will i be named nelson but not kingsley

- then ill think about wat name should i name my son.

- being random = getting the humor out to everyone

song of the day: Sid - Rain (Piano Version)

europe tmr. seeya internet, but usually ill end up finding a way to get on xD

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