Wednesday, June 23, 2010

-long lost in the desert-

good title for a song aye? they should really consider me for the next title producer for films/ music w/e~

ive been chronically dragged into the habit of making stupid noises with a emply glass bottle.. *blow* *fooooo noise* addictive yeh haha. sometimes ill think in myself, where have these recycled bottle been before and who used it aswell. thats not very hygienic if one day u get a photo of the people drinking the same particular bottle as u..  :S keep thinking about it makes me wanna stop drinking from bottles now..

y'know wats gay? im in hk now, and i tried unlocking my iph0ne so that i cud use hk sim cards. i know exactly wat i was doing.. until the moment my iphone crashed, wait ill have to repeat myself, UNTIL MY FCKING IPHONE CRASHED! ==' it just froze after installing the program thats needed for unlocking.. ffs, i restored my iphone and those stupid pathetic backup apps dont work for SHIT.. and yeh... start from scratch. and to make it worse, it wudnt allow me to copy all my simcard's contact into the iphone.. so everyone with their first name initial after M are all gone ==' ill ask u for ur numbers if i needa contact u. YES you :P

-china, guang zhou
-hong kong

-franfurt (or however u spell it) 

-hong kong

well there goes half the world xD 

<3 world cup~ go brazil. i dont even know any soccor stars but yeh.. i rmr ronaldo use to play for brazil so yeh. go him! or england (beckham) ~~
song of the day: Jason Chan - I Will Be Loving You
yeh i always liked this song, was at the salon 2 nights ago getting head massarge by this female worker. was talking to her laughing cracking up random jokes and stuff, she then told me this is her fav song, and im like OH i like it too~ -she goes and play the song, i started mumbling it with her- too bad i didnt ask for her name.

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